Friday, December 30, 2016

^V^ Happy New Year 2017 ^V^


 Happy New Year guys , it has been long time I didnt blog here ^_-

Warren buffet saying , when there is nothing 2 do ( stock mkt ) , do nothing ^_-

But I hv been doing something in other field 9 months ago ...wanna 2 know what is that ? go 2 my private blog hv a look...

Hv a nice day dudes ^_-

Thursday, August 18, 2016

^V^ XXXXX n ????? giving me unrealized profit of RM 31 K + ^V^


Hi guys , it has been long time I didnt post anything here , i didnt post anything here doesnt mean I am totally out of mkt , is just that when there is nothing 2 blog , I dun want 2 blog nonsense here .

As I mentioned in my previous postings , I asked u guys 2 buy in 2 these 2 stocks , see ? they r rising liaooo....look at my unrealized profit ^_-...It is now stood @ RM 31K + , wow...with this type of bearish mkt I still managed 2 make such a good profit , dun play play yah ^_-

I am still holding on these 2 stocks , waiting 4 further rise .

If u guys feel comfortable with d current profit , u can sell it 4 profit now ... u decide ^_-

D next one is XXXX , I bot in @ 0.0? last week , it was once jumped up to 0.1?  n now retreated 2  0.0? , u can bargain hunting @ current level of 0.0?? .

XXXX is a speculative penny stock , PE not so gd but with good improving latest earnings , heard some big deal on going at behind , small allocation on it make no harm .

Btw , where is d fun manager dali gone ? I dun c him blogging anything about stock lately ? must be kena burnt badly I guess ^_-

Gd luck ^

Monday, July 4, 2016

^V^ Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri ^V^


I would like 2 wish all my Muslim fans Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri .

If u hv 4low me on xxxxx , this shld be yr Big Raya Ang Pao ... but it is still too early 2 sell now ....

another 30% rise is definitely not a problem at all .

She has just posted an awesome QE , both sales n profit sky rocketed more than 100% , couple with d rise of XXXX .... its coming QE must be a fantastic one .

See ? I told u guys 2 hold n keep it under yr pillow , bukan !?  ^_- 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

^V^ Airasia , from hell back 2 Heaven , sold all @ 2.68 ^V^


4 those who r still holding Airasia , I hv sold all my Airasia @ 2.68 this morning , not much making but at least something ^_-

Reason y I wanna 2 dispose it is bcos of mkt uncertainty couple with d likely interest rate hike .
Hence,  I choose 2 keep cash n stand aside .

U r advice 2 do so since we r having profit in hand liaoooo.....

As 4 XXXXXX n XXXX , keep under yr pillow , I am very sure u will be laughing all d way 2 bank ... it is only matter of time .

My call 2 stay aside from shares mkt is proven correct , look ard , mkt keeps dropping since mid of last year , how many of u guys making money   in past 12 months ?  any ? Except us ^_- LOL! 

Still d same old saying , sail with d wind , when there is nothing 2 do , do nothing ^_-
?????? nXXXXXX r worth 4 keeping , time will tell u whether I am right or not ? 

????? was once touched 0.38 last month , this bugger is another Myeg in making , keep under yr pillow ^_-

Thursday, March 31, 2016

^V^ Samgoss gone missing ? ^V^


2 all , It has been long long time I didnt do any blogging here , one of d reason is I am busy with my internet biz in Alibaba n Lazada , ^_-..I am sure u guys may interested on what I am selling in Alibaba n Lazada ^_-
My major product is selling IT stuffs , u can see d above picture .  Y i am doing this ? well it is bcos mkt is quiet n it is not d right time 2 maximize my focus in shares mkt now .

Anyway , it doesnt mean I am totally out of stock mkt , I am still involved in it but  only focus on very selective  stocks , our ????? formerly known as ????? n ????? r my major holding now .

D due date of these 2 stocks oledi over but d target is still ON ! just keep it under yr pillow n wait 4 d durians 2 fall .
????? posted an awesome revenue lately though its PBT has came down , its revenue jumped triple up ! d profit came down is due 2 some one off stuff , needless 2 worry , its FA is still remains unchanged , click this 2 read yrself >

As 4 ???? (????? ) , d recent Johor projects announced by SHIT got something 2 do with it , its order book keeps increasing n more is coming .

Keep these 2 stocks under yr pillow .

Friday, February 5, 2016

^V^ Happy Chinese New Year 2016 n OLA BOLA ^V^


2 all my public n private blog fans , I would like 2 wish u guys Happy Chinese New Year  ^_-

2016 is going 2 be  a tough year 4 our economy especially KLSE , u better minimize yr share holding n keep more cash in hand UNLESS u found insider news on fundamental  stock !

I hv one in hand at d moment , remember I posted  XXXX @ 0.XXXX  last month ? besides d FA n goodies I mentioned , I recd this insider news telling me that XXX  is going 2 move in month of March , they will push it up  2 0.30 n then split !

4 d past 2 months , they keeps buying back XXXX shares like no 2molo ! look at d transactions done ! OMG ! some r transacted  in RM  1,2 mil , some rRM 800K , bear in mind , XXXXX is only selling @ 0.15 or Rm XXX per lot ,  u can imagine with this sum of money , how many thousand lots they r buying !??  dun play play ^_-

Of coz there is NO 100% sure stuff in this world , but based on its FA + insider news like Instaco, I believe d chances 4 us 2 strike is more than 80% .  ^_-

Touch a little bit on movie , there is a local movie called "OLABOLA " , same director as "THE JOURNEY " . If u r from  70 S or football fan , this is a must watch movie 4 Malaysian !

This movie talked about d golden days of Malaysia football , I still remember d golden goal scored by James Wong  after d superb passing by Hassan Sani ^_- GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLL....

I oso remember how I smuggle in 2 Stadium Merdaka with my neighbor kids     ^_- U can imagine how dangerous it was when a 10 years old boy jumped down from a 7 M fence  out side of Stadium Merdeka  ^_-

Besides football , this movie oso show us d  spirit of SATU MALAYSIA ! D old stuffs shown in this movie oso bring me  lot of old sweet memories ^_-

Dun 4get 2 watch yah !?


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Instaco n Instacowc giving me profit of > RM80 K or 200% + returns in less than 1 year ^_-


Instaco sky rocketed in past 2 weeks , I hv disposed 50% off 4 profit last week , click here 2 c >

I am still holding half in hand now , see above attachments ^_-

Awesome ? Amazing ? well... depends on how u look at it ^_- ... but 4 me , there r many ppl get their fingers burnt in recent bear mkt but me ^_- I still managed 2 make > 180% returns in such a " short" period , what say u dude ?

2 all d ta losers out there , I am keeping quiet in past few months does not mean I am out of blog world ^_-  cos I foresees something u dont ^_-

I am actually saving my bullets 4 d next strike back , I will show u how 2 make big returns n bottom fish at low ^_-

Tell u guys a true story , there was this guy named flairlane who is my private blog member , he curse me 4 asking him 2 buy Instaco , ha ha ...I wanna 2 know where is he now ? he must be hiding some where here , hello flair ..what say u now ? ... told u oledi , once born 2 be loser , 4ever is loser ^_-

Stay tuned yah ^_-

Monday, November 16, 2015

^V^ Instaco @ 0.22 , those who still holding must be laughing all d way 2 bank now ^_-

2 all, 

Our Instaco which we bot last year August , after keeping 4 nearly 1 year , she came from hell 2 heaven now , after d right issue of 3 : 1 n d free warrant u get , d returns is about  100% liaoo , I hv disposed 50% @ 0.225 just now . 
See d above n click d below link >

Our LBIcap-wa  oso went way above our cost liaoo ... u r advice 2 sell 50% 4 profit now .

Guys, see profit take profit , FOC will definitely raise its int rate , it is only matter of time , keep yr bullets n wait 4 d wind fall ^_-

It has been long time I didnt blog up in both public n private blog , d reason is " when there is nothing 2 do ( blog ) , do nothing ^_-

2 all d ta losers out there , let me teach u how  2 survive ( make profit ) in bear mkt lah ^_- LOL! 

until then , c u ^_-

Monday, August 24, 2015

^V^ MKT CRASHED !? Now u know who is SAMGOSS ? Now u know y I can hv 3000 over members in my priavte blog ^_- ^V^


As known 2 u all , I seldom make any blogging since beginning of this year , d reason y is I see something u dont ! ^_- Ma how Pao or after hand story ? perhaps u shld click d below links 2 check yrself ^_-

I highlighted in d above links , I said stay aside n keep yr bullets ! didnt I ?

4 those who hv been with me since osk forum in year 2000 , u guys shld know that I hv been thru 1998 n 2008 crisis , hence what " wind wave " I never seen b4 ?

So .... current mkt crash is indeed sup sup sui , we yet 2 c bottom ..more downside awaiting .

4 those who blaming me 4 not giving any stock tips lately must be feeling very thankful 2 me liaoo ...

U blame me, scold me 4 paying d subscription fee 4 nothing , is it really nothing ? LOL!

Now u  know y SAMGOSS can still stand high after so many years , there r so many bloggers gone along d way , such as mo mo cow (ze moolah ) , chinyk , alpha chart , ...... I am a few that still standing high in blogger world , past present n of coz future ^_-

I sound very lansi ? yes I am..cos I deserved that ^_-

D thunder storm is not over yet , especially in local mkt , u shld know y I said so ^_-

U may oso ask me , well...did I get stuck in recent crash ? well... as a stock investor , if one tell u he has zero holding in stock mkt during bear run he is actually telling lie ! but d different btwn me n ta loser is .... when I see something is not right , I will minimize my fund exposure ... my cash vs shares ratio is now stood @ 8 : 2 , of coz u cant compare my fund size with yours ^_-.....

U can click d below link 2 c how much profit I hv taken b4 d mkt crash !? ^_-

Until then ...8 n hv a nice day .

Friday, July 10, 2015

^V^ HKD 20K profit from Tiangong within 3 days ^V^

Forget about local stock , let focus on China stocks , I hv been waiting patiently  4 china stock 2 plunge since China super bull run kick started  on last Sep 2014 , their index rose from 1,900 to as high as 5300 last month , after that it plunged 2 as low as 3,300 on Tuesday , I see this an opportunity 2 go in , I bot in Tiangong @ 0.63 on Tuesday , withing 3 days , she went up 2 as high as 1.10 , I sold all @ 1.05 today .  realized profit @ ard HKD 20k . see d above , Tiangong is always my lucky stock , this is my second entry , my first trade on Tiangong oso brought me an awesome returns .
After I sold off my Tiangong , I swap all 2 ????? @ 0.415 , ????? oso my lucky stock , I hv made good returns from her b4 , this is my second entry oso .
Y I am confident on ????? ?  its latest earning gone up by 30% n its high 4 this year was 0.81 ( @ index 5300 ) ,  @ anything below 0.45 is not a bad buy , with recent various measurement imposed by China government 2 boosts up its stock mkt , I believed SSEX will goes above 4,300 soon , hence ...I am calling a buy @ ????? now.
Dear , bear in mind , Mainland Chinese  r stock crazy , 90% of them go 4 goreng instead of fundamental !hence go 4 stocks that hv fallen from sky , of coz with fundamental back up is even better.
4low or not ? u decide ^_- gd luck .

Saturday, April 11, 2015

^V^ Jiahua @ HKD 0.38 to now HKD 0.81 ^V^


It has been long time I didnt blog up my achievement liaoo.... too bad, coz world mkt is bad except China mkt , Jiahua @ 0.38+- , I bot this bugger last year , after waited 4 nearly 1 year , finally she comes !

From 0.38 to as high as 0.81 last week , > 100% returns in 1 year , awesome ?

I hv advice my fans 2 take profit on her s swap 2 another HK stock  ????? @ HKD  0.61.

I am very confident that this ???? will bring us another 30 to 50% returns in mid n long term .

Friday, April 3, 2015

^V^ See ? Dont say I didnt tell you so !? ^V^


It has been quite long time I didnt do blogging here , reason y is I hv  my biz expansion abroad n oso I foresee mkt wont be good in year 2015  , keep yr bullets n wait 4 d opportunity 2 come .

I have said it here >

I said  > dont expect Mr Bull 2 come back in short term , d most ideal way is play ding dong ,  Sell 4 profit n buy back later .

So what 2 do from now ?

Mkt is still very uncertain , ringgit depreciation , political uncertainty ( Dr M recent criticism  on Najib )

If I were u , I will stay aside 4 d time being , ..Warren buffer once said : when there is nothing 2 do , do nothing .

Someone asked me , when was this photo taken ? well... if u r badminton fan , look at d badminton shoes I wear , u should know roughly when  these 2 photos were taken  ^_-

Showing u these 2 photos is 2 tell u how important exercise is ! If u wanna 2 keep yrself healthy , regular exercise is a must ^_-

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

^V^ Who says u cant make big bucks in bear mkt ? Profit of RM31 K+ in less than 1 month ! AWESOME ? ^V^


It has been a month I didn't blog up here , when there is nothing 2 do, usually I do nothing , I hv been waiting there patiently 4 my 2 darling stocks 2 fly , finally both of them delivered today n more $$$$ 2 come ^_-

See d first one, my lucky stock Airasia @ 2.49 , I hv made few round from this bugger b4 , u can refer 2 my old blogging under .

I hv been collecting this bugger during d Air carsh last month from range of 2.48 to 2.62 , I know she will definitely come$$$$ in short term , see d above attachment, what I hv posted a buy call in my private blog . D reason of buying her is bcos of oil slide factor , read d above n u will understand well y she is a gem @ price below 2.50 !?

D Second one is HK stock, Rexlot , I hv made one round from her b4 , see d above attachment , profit of HKD 25K in Sep 2013 .

I called 2 buy her @ HKD 0.60 in my private blog 3 weeks ago , see d attachment .

So ... do I need 2 say more ?  is murah sakit system or alexlulu tak ada akal method able 2 profits u in  bearish mkt  ?

End result speaks it all ^_-

In this type of bearish mkt , u need 2 change yr strategy quick , dun expect Mr Bull comes back in short term , d ideal way is play ding dong .... wanna 2 know more ?  ^_-

2 be very frank , making RM 31 K profit is nothing 2 shout about at all butttt...... it is an awesome achievement during this type of bearish mkt , where almost all mkt traders r in cry n u can still stand high n sing ^_-

Bukan ? 

Friday, December 12, 2014

^V^ D current bearish mkt is granting me another opportunity 2 show u guys how I survive n make big money again like what I did in 1998 n 2008 crisis !? ^V^

Crude oil closed @ usd 57 , Dow down 315 points .... u will see another big sell off on Monday , see ? As posted above , dont go against d wind , whoever ask u 2 buy on dip , is actually asking u 2 commit suicide .

Now u guys know Y I dun do average when bear arriving !?

I will show u guys how 2 survive n make big money from bear mkt !?

Of coz nobody can buy at lowest , I dunno where is d lowest but I am quite sure , d current index is not d lowest , ppl likes 2 say , no worry , buy now n keep 4 long term , well...if u can buy @ much cheaper price n if u know there is still room 4 bear 2 conquer , y buy now ?

D current bearish mkt is granting me another opportunity 2 show u guys how I survive n make money again like what I did in 1998 n 2008 crisis !? talk is easy but not many can prove it in practical !

Click d below link 2 c how I survive n made big bucks from 2008 crisis ^_-

U can see fun manager darlie singh is  running away from blogging after recommended buy on nishin , sona n sumatec , n oso alexlulu asking his fans 2 buy skpetro @ 2.48 last week .  they r keeping so quiet now .

Just stay away from stock mkt 4 d time being , enjoy yr foods or go 4  holidays ^_-

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

^V^ IOIPG , AIRASIA, YTLPOWER all strike despite d recent big pull back of KLSE ^V^


It has been long time I didnt blog up my strike picks liaoo...well, 2 reasons, one is bcos my public blog was hacked n second is bcos of d big pull back of KLSE.

Anyway..despite d big pull back of KLSE , I still managed 2 make awesome profit from YTLPOWER, AIRASIA n IOIPG!

FA ROCKS ! ^_-

YTLPOWER needless 2 say , my fans bot @ 1.47 it is now 1..73 ( + 10 cts dividend )

IOIPG , We bot @ 2.54 , It is now 2.86  ( 2.78 + 8 cts dividend )

AIRASIA @ 2.42 + , It is now  2.56 .

Total profit  from all these stocks about RM 32K +-.

I hv taken profit on all of them n swap 2 XXXX, XXXX, XXXX n XXXX , all these 4 stocks r now traded @ almost year low with single digit PE .

They hv one thing in common , theme play , I believe d next coming theme of  2015 would be ?????

U can see all these stocks hv been sky falling from sky , some dropped more than 40% , some r Index link + mid cap blue chip , making $$$$ is only matter of time .

Same saying , they might be slow moving like YTLPOWER n IOIPG but....SLOWLY BUT SURELY ^_-

Monday, October 27, 2014

^V^ My new blog > ^V^


My samgang blog was hacked  lately , may be I am too lansi n too famous ^_- LOL!

So many envy ta losers waiting 2 hacks me ..ha ha

But is ok, I can ever create another blog 2 replace my old blog problem at all,  I hv changed my blog address from samgang 2 malaysiafinance88 @ blogspot .com , sound familiar right ? ha ha fun manager darlie singh cannot sleep liaoo......

U guys can visit my new blog @

So dude, this malaysia finance 88 blog  is FUND manager blog not that  joker FUN manager..ok ?   LOL!

K...stay tuned 4 my latest update ^_-

Thursday, September 25, 2014

^V^ My lucky stock YTLPOWER @ 1.46+ giving me unrealized profit of RM25K+ within 2 months ^V^


^V^ My lucky stock YTLPOWER @ 1.46+ giving me unrealized profit of RM25K+ within 2 months ^V^

Click d below 2 c yrself -

Friday, September 12, 2014

^V^ 120 lots of Psiptek giving me realized profit of RM 11K + within 36 days ^V^


After EAH , 0.125 n  Marco  @0.17 . All my penny speculation stocks strike 1 by 1 , amazing ....

It is now Psiptek @ 0.315 , RM 11K profit within 36 days, click d below 2 c >

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

^V^ KSL Insider news , bot @ RM 3.85 , last badge sold @ RM 4.38 ^V^


Bot KSL @ RM3.85 last week , last badge sold @ RM 4.38 this morning ,

Click 2 below 2 c >

Friday, August 29, 2014

^V^ SUPER INVESTOR MR KOON YEW YIN ,technical analysis makes him from HERO to ZERO ! Y ? ^V^

As known 2 u all, Mr Koon Yew Yin is a super investor in stock mkt ( that was b4 he uses technical analysis 4 his stock pick ) , he is not only super investor but oso a successful bizman , he has a KYY foundation scholarship fund 2 help those poor students .

B4 he came 2 know technical analysis ( tak ada akal method ) he has made A LOT from stock mkt , his FA approach is awesome till  I need 2 give him a dumb up !

Not so long ago , he adopted technical analysis or tak ada akal method , see d above attachments , based on his technical analysis method , he called buy on plantation stock @ CPO 2,750 4 months ago , CPO price is now traded below 2,000 n all CPO stocks hv been sky falling since d day he made that call .

See? how fool can it be !? even a super stock investor like KYY can  get caught n trap by using technical analysis , how about u ? LOL!

Conclusion, no matter how smart u r ..once u adopted technical analysis,  it will turns u from genius to super fool ! Lol! 

D only thing can save his face now is his FA approach on Jtiasa n Mudajay , his Jtiasa n Mudajay will definitely bring him awesome returns in mid n long term , that is 4 sure !

I still respect Mr Koon 4 all his  good deeds  but will never agree with his technical analysis or tak ada akal method .

Show u another case ,  this guy is a small fly , his name is uncle ben ^_- I hv blogged his article up 2 weeks ago in here , click here 2 c >

Ah ben called 2 buy SEAL @ 1.35 based on his charting , SEAL is now traded below 1.20 ? how now ? cut loss n cabut ?

FYI, I made a buy call on SEAL @ 0.53 on April this year  , click here 2 c >

We FA is buy low sell high , ta losers r buy high sell low !

See d different  here ?  LOL!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

^V^ 250 lots of Instaco , 400 lots of EAH, 300 lots of Marco n 120 lots of Psiptek brought me more than RM 20K ( realized + unrealized profit ) within 1 week $_$ , how u like that ta losers ? LOL ^V^


See d above attachments , now u know y readers trust me more than " fun " manager darlie singh , ta losers alexlulu,ahchart,ah bone ^_- LOL!

Below is what I posted in my private blog on 4 August  , I made more than RM 20 K within 1 week !   ^_-

Enjoy yrself >


As I said in my comments , I said mkt is now focusing on penny stocks < 0.50 cts , u can see unsound stock like IFCAMSC ,  JAG , KDG, PDZ ...some r runing @ loss stock oso gone up .

What do u think of EAH, MARCO & PSIPTEK  which r making profit companies !?  They r all low PE esp EAH which traded @ PE ard 5+.  Three of them oledi gone up from day one I made d buy call liaooo ^_-
I still think they will fly a little more.

 TP 4 EAH = 0.165+ Cabut !

Marco 0.195 Cabut

Psiptek  -.36+- cabut .

D above is my stock holdings 4 EAH, MARCO & PSIPTEK , if I add with  my win win 50/50 fund , I hv 400 lots of EAH @ 0.1275 , 300 lots of MARCO @ 0.17 & 120 lots of PSIPTEK @0.315.

Bear in mind , all these r penny stock , they r moving bcos d current theme is "PENNY PLAY " , otherwise they will stand there like a rock with very little vol traded , once u see 20% +- returns from it, take profit & cabut !

TA losers used 2 say , they know how 2 spot d entry , MY FOOT ! they dont even know what is mkt sentiment n theme play .

4 speculation play , u need 2 hv theme , it can be property theme play , ONG theme play , warrant theme play &...... , most important u need 2 know what theme is going on...once u get d theme , looks 4 those unmoved FA stock , preferable those with PE below 10 , once u see vol, go 4 it, buy n hold !

Yr chances of wining is more than 80% if u 4low d step I mentioned above.

I am here 2 show ta losers, if u wanna 2 challenge me in speculation , u still hv long long way 2 reach my level .

Use common sense 2 speculate , u stand a high chance 2 win , much much better than those tak ada akal method !

All these r common sense , what candle stick , macd, bollinger band all these r crabs !  u still havent kick d basket yet, y use candle stick ? LOL!


Now u see y readers trust my method more than fun manager darlie singh 's murah sakit method ^_- LOL! 

Is my profit stop here ? more $$$$$$ 2 come baby ^_-

Friday, July 25, 2014

^V^ Profit of RM 680,000+ or 260% returns within 24 months ^V^


I just came across from my RHB web n found that with capital of RM 260K in mid of 2012, I hv made about RM 680,000 or approximate  260% returns with 24 months , amazing ? well... not really if u compare with my best performance year in  2005 -2006 , 260% returns is nothing 2 shout about !  click here 2 c > I made RM 680,000 in 2 years ?

First attachment  ...see d first attachment , d realized profit from local stock. Profit of RM 325K+

Click here 2 c >

Second attachment ... Realized profit of USD 18.8K from US stock , RM 60K +

Third attachment  ..... Realized profit of HKD 248K  from Hong Kong stock .  RM 105K+

Fourth ...From my Platinum win win 50/50 fund .... Profit of RM 190K+

Click here 2 c >

So how ta losers chinyk, ah chart n alexlulu ? never 4get oso my old buddies of  sour cow moolah, darlie singh n his sugar boy mr dummy ?

Esp mr dummy , u told  d world that following Samgoss in shares will never bring u profit but losses !

How true how true !?  Ha ha   LOL!

Do u know I hv few die hard fans made more than 1 million  in these 2 years ?   ^_-

Guys, do u know y bloggers like darlie, mo mo cow , alexlulu n dummy  keeping so quiet lately ?

Know y ?

Cos they know very well , d more they critics me , d more new readers will join my private blog , y ? cos bottom line !!!  all these ppl trust nothing but PROVEN TRACK RECORDS which they cant get it from darlie, mo mo cow , alexlulu n dummy blog !  LOL! time 4 holidays liaooo....

I will be away till 2 of August , c u n berhati hati di jalan raya yah ^_-