Friday, June 27, 2014

^V^ 80 lots of Ulicorp @ 1.05 , it is now 1.42, unrealized profit stood @ RM 33 K+ ! 2 be succeeded in life, stocks mkt or career , it is very much depends on who u know rather than what u know ^_-


My FA strike again !!! bot 80 lots of Ulicorp @ 1.05 ( 35 lots under win win 50/50 fund ).It is now 1.42 + 3 cts dividend recd last week,  unrealized profit of RM33K +within 2 months , see d above attachments .

2 all ta losers , esp alexlulu n mike loser , still think that ignoring ta at my own risk ? LOL!

2 all , if u want 2 get rich , this is what u need 2 know >

2 be succeeded in life/stock mkt/career , it is very much depends on who u know rather than what u know !

if u still dun understand, read d below :-


In English , it goes :-

Tycoon Li Kar Sing 's driver is going 2 retire soon , Mr Li gave him a chq amounted HKD 2 million , but it was rejected by his driver , his driver said :

Tq Mr Li , HKD 2 mil 2 me is sup sup sui , I can come out with 100 to 200 million anytime if I want , Mr Li was shocked n asked : how on earth u can hv so much saving ?

His driver replied : Well my boss , every time when u on line with someone talking about which stock 2 buy n which property 2 purchase , I over heard it , I 4low u 2 buy abit , that s y I can hv so much of saving.

From d above , it shows us :- what u know is not important , but WHO U KNOW is d KEY SUCCESS !

2 my private blog fans , r u guys my driver ? ha ha.... results speak by itself .

G???, ????G n MXXCCXX  r sure win stokcs like Ulicorp... d only problem with u guys is " some of u dont hv no patience n holding power "

????  n XXXXX consists more than RM 300K of my portfolio , do u hv d patience like me ?



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